Table 2

Types of injuries and neurosurgical interventions in patients with ICI identified on ED CT (n=377)

Type of injuryPatients with ICI
Skull fracture
 Basal skull359.3
 Diastasis of skull349.0
Extra-axial bleed
 Subdural/extradural haemorrhage20353.8
 Subarachnoid haemorrhage6517.2
Parenchymal lesions
 Parenchyma haemorrhage/contusion10227.1
 Cerebral oedema7118.8
 Diffuse axonal injury266.9
 Midline shift or brain herniation3810.1
Other (shearing injury, traumatic infarction, sigmoid sinus thrombosis)123.2
Neurosurgical intervention
 Monitoring of intracranial pressure4459.5
 Elevation of depressed skull fracture1418.9
 Haematoma evacuation3243.2
 Tissue debridement22.7
 Dura repair912.2
  • ICI, intracranial injury; CT, computed tomography; ED, emergency department.