Table 1

Demographics of the evaluable patients

CT in EDNo CT (in ED)Entire sample
Clinically important ICINo clinically important ICI
N377158518 14720 109
  Median, IQR5.51.7––––9.0
  Mean, SD6.
  <3 years, n %12934.236022.7738340.7787239.1
  ≥3 years, n %24865.8122577.310 76459.312 23760.9
 Male, n %24264.2106166.911 50263.412 80563.7
Symptoms and signs, n %
 Known or suspected LOC16443.552833.3200611.1269813.4
 History of amnesia*6617.547329.811446.316838.4
 History of vomiting14839.368243.0261814.4344817.1
 Witnessed disorientation*13235.060438.1195510.8269113.4
Mechanism of injury, n %
 Fall related21055.799762.912 90471.114 11170.2
 Motor vehicle incident10026.520713.15373.08444.2
 Bicycle-related; wearing no helmet246.4613.92971.63821.9
 Head hit by high impact object/projectile369.616410.411106.113106.5
 Suspected NAI246.4442.8440.21120.6
Cranial CT rate, n %377100.01585100.01250.7208710.4
Neurosurgery rate, n %7419.610.110.0760.4
Admission rate, n %35493.998262.0319217.6452822.5
Mortality, n %102.710.110.0120.1
  • *Preverbal  cases excluded.

  • CT, computed tomography; ED, emergency department; ICI, intracranial injury; LOC, loss of consciousness; NAI, non-accidental injury.