Video 13 Normal (2.4 s)Video 7 Normal (2.5 s)Video 17 Slow (6.28 s)Video 3 Slow (7.28 s)Video 15 Slow (7.28 s)Video 9 Slow (9.76 s)
Dr (%)Nurse (%)Sec (%)Dr (%)Nurse (%)Sec (%)Dr (%)Nurse (%)Sec (%)Dr (%)Nurse (%)Sec (%)Dr (%)Nurse (%)Sec (%)Dr (%)Nurse (%)Sec (%)
  • The actual tRtB1 time is shown in brackets. Respective answers are reported as percentage of observers, according to profession. The ‘correct’ (see Methods section) subjective evaluation is highlighted in green. Figures without highlighting indicate deviations from the ‘correct’ categorical evaluation according to tRtB1 time. Identical tests are shown in videos 5 and 10, 6 and 13 and 3 and 15. The table is organised according to incrementally increasing tRtB1 times. The number of each video corresponds to the place in the sequence in which they were shown to the observers.

  • tRtB1, time to Return to Baseline1