Table 2

Summary of design characteristics and threshold levels of identified RAMs

Risk assessment modelAcronym/descriptorDerivationDesignIncorporation of bleeding risk?Number of variablesThreshold (suggested cut-point)Attempted validation?
Roberts et al42The GEMNet guidelineECDichotomousYes11N/AYes
Keenan et al49The Plymouth RuleECOrdinalNo14>2Yes
Nemeth et al36The L-TRiP(cast) scoreRegressionOrdinalNo14>8Yes
Saragas et al41The modified Caprini scoreECOrdinalNo36>1No
Eingartner et al45N/AECOrdinalNo9>1No
Haque et al46N/AECOrdinalNo14>2No
Giannadakis et al44N/AECDichotomousNo12N/ANo
  • EC, Expert Consensus; GEMNet, Guidelines in Emergency Medicine Network; L-TRIP(cast), Leiden Thrombosis Risk in Plaster (cast); N/A, not applicable; RAM, risk assessment method.