Table 1

Non-exhaustive summary of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment carried by the Physician Response Unit

Zoll X-series monitor:
● All standard observations
12-lead ECGAbbott iSTAT (Chem8+ & CG4+cartridges)
● Biochemistry panel incl. renal function
● Haemoglobin / haematocrit
● Arterial / venous blood gas (including lactate)
● International Normalised Ratio (INR)
Urinary pregnancy test
Peak Expiratory Flow Meter
Blood Glucose Metre
Medical care
Intravenous cannulation/blood taking equipment (peripheral and central lines)

Large intravenous drug formulary
● Analgesics
● Antibiotics
● Anti-emetics
● Critical care medications including anaesthetic agents, sedatives and muscle relaxants
● Anti-convulsants
● Antiarrhythmics
● Tranexamic acid
● Thrombolytic agent
● Methoxyfluorane
● Salbutamol/ipratropium nebules/inhalers
● Various oral medications
● Entonox
● Prothrombin Complex Concentrate
● Hydroxycobalamin
● Pralidoxime
● Intravenous fluids
Intraosseous access kit
Oxygen/oxygen delivery apparatus
Advanced cardiac arrest care
●Impedance Threshold Device (ResQPod)
●Active Compression-Decompression device
●Mechanical CPR (Autopulse)
Pre-hospital emergency anaesthesia equipment
● Endotracheal tubes, supraglottic devices
● Bougies
● Airtraq
● Front of neck access kit
● End tidal CO2 colorimeter/continuous Co2 monitoring
● Sutures; adhesive
● Dressings
● Benecast Splints (fracture management)
Major trauma
● Hypertonic saline
● Thoracotomy kit
● Maxillofacial haemorrhage control
● Intercostal drains
● Haemostatic dressings
● Kendrick traction device
● Pelvic binder
● Combat Application Tourniquets
Maternity equipment
Laerdel Suction Unit
PRU Directory of Services
Remote access via computer to:
● Cerner Millennium
● East London Patient Record
Personal Protective Equipment
  • PRU, Physician Response Unit.