Table 2

Results of proportion tests for categorical variables

(category for proportion)
PHCCT (proportion)Non-PHCCT (proportion)P value95% CI for difference
Gender (male)0.730.57<0.01(0.13 to 0.20)
Patient taken to prospective MTC (yes)0.770.33<0.01(0.41 to 0.47)
Mode of transport to hospital (land)0.730.98<0.01(−0.28 to −0.22)
Severe head injury (yes)0.250.17<0.01(0.04 to 0.11)
Prehospital intubation (yes)0.270.01<0.01(0.23 to 0.30)
Major trauma (yes)0.570.20<0.01(0.34 to 0.41)
  • MTC, Major Trauma Centre; PHCCT, prehospital critical care team.