Table 1

Sample characteristics

CohortFocus group
18–45 years5212
75 years +0100
Parent with young child212*1
Adults with long-term condition4†4‡
Services accessed within the last 12 monthsMinor injuries unit; GP-led walk-in centre; ED; ambulance service; NHS 111ED; GP-led walk-in centreMinor-injuries unit; ED; NHS 111ED; NHS 111; ambulance service; GP-led walk-in centre; Minor injuries unit
Total service users11667
  • *Includes two service users aged 18–45 years.

  • †Includes one service user who was the parent of a young child.

  • ‡Includes one service user aged 18–45 years.

  • §Includes one service user aged 18–45 years and two service users aged 75 years or older.

  • ¶Includes one service user aged 18–45 years and one service user aged 75 years or older.