Table 2

Overview of the themes and subthemes from the focus groups

(1) A simplified UEC system which is easier to understand and a single-point of accessService users want clear and up to date information about the services available to them in their local area
Service users want equal access to services within the UEC system regardless of where they live
Service users want the responsibility of where to be seen taken away from the service user and put into the hands of health professionals who would then triage them to the most appropriate service based in one place.
(2) A more ‘joined-up’ UEC systemService users indicated they want linked medical records that all services within the UEC system can access so that they receive continuity of care regardless of what point they access the UEC system and do not have to repeat medical information.
Service users expressed confidence in the NHS’ ability to protect their data but the linkage of patient records within individual services was seen as a greater priority which overrode their concerns around data security
(3) Better communication from health staff when accessing UEC servicesService users want to be an active participant in their healthcare journey with more information about what is happening to them and why
Communication about waiting times was more important to services users than the wait times themselves.
  • UEC, urgent and emergency care.