Table 1

Outcome of AMPDS code 12 999 calls

Outcome of 999 callNo of emergency call episodesPercentage of emergency call episodes
Patient conveyed to hospital14 74072.1
Decision made not to transport*376618.4
Ambulance not required6873.4
Referred to GP3291.6
Nothing found/absconded/hoax call1000.5
Cancelled by caller (but ambulance arrived on scene)910.4
Police dealing with incident670.3
GP attending540.3
Emergency care practitioner dealing390.2
Patient deceased370.2
Diabetic referral360.2
Other category (<10 individual patients)251.0
Missing data480.2
Ambulance did not arrive on scene4132.0
Total20 432100
  • *Initially coded as ‘patient refused travel/treatment’, ‘required ambulance but not conveyed’ or ‘treated at scene’.

  • GP, general practitioner.