Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

CharacteristicPatients (n=219)
Mean age29.3 years
Mean BMI27.9 kg/m2
Mean heart rate97.8/min
Mean respiratory rate18.9/min
Mean oxygen saturation97.8%
Mean systolic blood pressure120.7 mm Hg
Mean diastolic blood pressure71.9 mm Hg
Mean temperature36.5°C
Smoking status
 Never150 (68.5%)
 Gave up before28 (12.8%)
 Gave up during15 (6.8%)
 Current26 (11.9%)
One or more previous pregnancies <24 weeks86 (39.3%)
One or more previous pregnancy >24 weeks137 (62.6%)
Family history of thrombosis41 (18.7%)
History of varicose veins18 (8.2%)
History of intravenous drug use1 (0.5%)
Known thrombophilia6 (2.7%)
Surgery in previous 4 weeks1 (0.5%)
Significant injury in the previous 4 weeks1 (0.5%)
History of thrombosis17 (7.8%)
First trimester20 (9.1%)
Second trimester81 (37.0%)
Third trimester118 (53.9%)
Multiple pregnancy11 (5.0%)
Long-haul travel during pregnancy20 (9.1%)
Three or more days of immobility/bed rest13 (5.9%)
  • BMI, body mass index.