Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the consultations (n=473)

Patient’s condition (chronic)Total (n=473)
 Age (years), (med (IQR))70.5(56.6–80.5)
 Sex (male), (n (%))261(55.2)
 Case severity index (points), (med (IQR))0.9(0.6–1.3)
Patient’s condition (acuity)
 Triage category, (n (%))
  Highly urgent15(3.2)
 Resuscitation bay, (n (%))47(9.9)
 Systolic BP <90 mm Hg, (n (%))17(3.6)
 HR deviation, >110 or <50 bpm, (n (%))2(0.4)
 Oxygen saturation <90%, (n (%))19(4.0)
Physician characteristics, (n (%))
 Highly experienced (>10 years)95(20.1)
 Experienced (>5–10 years)146(30.9)
 Limited experience (>2–5 years)219(46.3)
 Unexperienced (≤2 years)13(2.7)
Context characteristics
 NEDOCS mean, (med (IQR))49.5(33.8–68.0)
 Tiredness (1: awake, 5: tired), (med (IQR))3.0(2–3)
 Workload (1: low, 5: high), (med (IQR))3.0(3–4)
 Night admission, (n (%))138(29.2)
 Weekend consultation, (n (%))111(23.5)
Subjective case difficulty
 Uncertainty (1: low, 5: high), (med (IQR))2.0(1–3)
 Difficulty (1: low, 5: high), (med (IQR))2.0(2–3)
 Unfamiliarity (1: familiar, 5: unfamiliar), (med (IQR))2.0(1–3)
 Total diagnostic ED resources, (med (IQR))1172(852–1645)
  • med, median; NEDOCS, National Emergency Department Overcrowding Score.