Table 4

Summary of all patients (n=1739) screened using HIDATq. results given as n=positive answers

Clinical variable asked (positive answer)Patients N (%)
Vomited204 (11.7)
Loss of consciousness90 (5.2)
Amnesia59 (3.4)
Irritable or seizure13 (0.7)
Drowsy or focal neurology62 (3.6)
GCS<1526 (1.5)
Dangerous mechanism85 (4.9)
Suspicion of skull fracture or non-accidental injury21 (1.2)
Boggy swelling or bruise/swelling/laceration >5 cm21 (1.2)
On warfarin or known clotting disorder4 (0.2)
Observations within normal limits including BP and neurology1600 (92.0)
Alert and well with no clinical concern1506 (86.6)
Any other injuries1450 (83.4)
Abrasion215 (12.4)
Laceration496 (28.5)
Other739 (42.5)
No other injuries289 (16.6)
  • BP, blood pressure; GCS, Glasgow Coma Score; HIDATq, Head Injury Discharge At Triage questionnaire.