Table 3

Clinical management and outcomes

Overall patient outcomes
Outcomes N=148
CT head imaging
 Yes134, 90.5%
 No14, 9.5%
Adverse outcome
 Overall*5, 3.4%
 ICH5. 3.4%
 Death due to head injury within 30 days1, 0.7%
 Discharged80, 54.1%
68, 45.9%
Head injury management for patients with ICH n=5

 Anticoagulation stopped
5, 100.0%
Beriplex1, 25.0%
Critical care admission
  • *Patients could have more than one endpoint comprising the composite outcome.

  • †Patients admitted for non-head injury reason in n=63/68 patients.

  • ICH, intracranial haemorrhage.