Table 4

Relationship between admission oxygen saturation group and inpatient mortality on univariate and multivariate analysis in patients without supplemental oxygen

Died/ totalUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Oxygen saturationsN=96/1618
 97%–100%4/1690.340.12 to 0.960.0420.440.14 to 1.300.14
 93%–96%20/5700.460.26 to 0.810.0070.620.34 to 1.150.13
 87% or less37/4011.290.80 to 2.090.300.880.51 to 1.510.64
NEWS2-sats1.171.05 to 1.300.005
DECAF2.912.37 to 3.57<0.001
  • DECAF, dyspnoea, eosinopenia, chest X-ray consolidation, acidaemia, atrial fibrillation; NEWS2, National Early Warning Score.