Table 1

Demographics and clinical characteristics of patients with an initial high-sensitivity troponin (hs-cTn) level below the limit of detection (LoD) in the randomised controlled trial cohort and qualitative interview sample

All low-risk* trial patients n=274 (%)Interview patients n=11 (%)
LoDED intervention arm141 (51.5%)9 (81.8%)
Mean age46 years53 years
Gender: female144 (52.5%)6 (54.5%)
Gender: male130 (47.5%)5 (45.5%)
Ethnic origin: white228 (84%)11 (100%)
Chest pain history (clinician reported)
Slightly suspicious175 (64%)6 (54.6%)
Moderately suspicious77 (28%)4 (36.4%)
Highly suspicious22 (8%)1 (9%)
Successful early discharge†165 (61.3%)9 (82%)
Median LOS hours (IQR)†3.7 (2.8–5.2)3.5 (2.7–3.8)
  • *Low-risk patients were those with an initial hs-cTn below the LoD and a non-ischaemic ECG in either trial arm.

  • †Successful early discharge data available for 269/274 low-risk patients.

  • ‡Length of stay (LOS; hours) data available for 268/274 low-risk patients.

  • LoDED, limit of detection and ECG discharge strategy.