Table 2

Incidence of OHCA, % weekly change and weekly OHCA deaths (n)

March week 1March week 2March week 3March week 4April week 1April week 2April week 3April week 4May week 1May week 2May week 3May week 4May week5Total
OHCA 2020
Incidence (n)8785999111515113511512110510285971388
% weekly change*0−2.3013.794.6032.1873.5655.1732.1839.0820.6917.24−2.3011.49
% Deceased on scene83.9176.4785.8684.6295.6590.0785.1986.0982.6487.6288.2488.2487.63
OHCA 2019
Incidence (n)38333345404136413733292738471
% weekly change*0−13.16−13.1618.425.267.89−5.267.89−2.63−13.16−23.68−28.950
% Deceased on scene55.2651.5254.5557.7850.0065.8566.6765.8564.8660.6155.1755.5647.37
  • * % weekly change calculated using March week 1 as the baseline for each respective year.