Table 3

Number of CDR-positive (+) children* and number of CDR+ children actually imaged (n=973)

CDRNumber CDR+Percentage CDR+ (95% CI)Number of CDR+ children imaged in our cohort (%)
NEXUS43044.2 (41.0 to 47.4)325/430 (75.6%)
PECARN66368.1 (65.1 to 71.1)359/663 (54%)
CCR†47248.4 (45.3 to 51.7)236/472 (50%)
  • *CDR positive includes only those variables definitively recorded as present (excludes unknowns) to ensure rates are not overestimated.

  • †For reasons discussed in the ‘Methods’ section, CCR positivity is more difficult to interpret and only a minimum number can be calculated.

  • CCR, Canadian C-spine Rule; CDR, clinical decision rule; NEXUS, National Emergency X-Radiography Utilization Study Low Risk Criteria; PECARN, Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network.