Table 2

Unadjusted and adjusted ORs for primary endpoint within NIV subgroup; baseline creatinine levels, previous therapy with ACEi/ARB and tachypnoea were excluded due to collinearity with CKD history, hypertension and O2 saturation below 92%, respectively

Univariate OR95% CIP valueAdjusted OR95% CIP value
Age (OR per 5-year increase)1.371.26 to 1.49<0.0011.371.15 to 1.63<0.001
Dyslipidaemia2.091.37 to 3.190.001
Hypertension2.961.92 to 4.55<0.0012.951.14 to 7.610.03
Heart disease1.911.23 to 2.980.004
CKD history4.972.08 to 11.88<0.001
Previous aspirin therapy2.231.32 to 3.760.002
Previous antidepressant therapy2.061.15 to 3.700.01
O2 saturation below 92% at index evaluation5.163.31 to 8.04<0.0013.051.28 to 7.280.01
Anaemia2.031.30 to 3.170.002
Elevated D-dimer2.251.34 to 3.790.002
Elevated troponin3.381.87 to 6.12<0.001
Elevated procalcitonin2.381.45 to 3.890.001
Lymphocytopenia (<1500/mm3)3.912.05 to 7.48<0.0013.551.16 to 10.850.03
In-hospital corticosteroid use2.951.92 to 4.51<0.001
In-hospital antibiotic use2.521.51 to 4.20<0.0014.911.69 to 14.260.003
  • ACEi, ACE inhibitor; ARB, angiotensin receptor blocker; CKD, chronic kidney disease; NIV, non-invasive ventilation.