Table 1

Comparison of the average monthly number of urine drug screen tests ordered, cost, and patient visits preintervention (January 2017–March 2018) and postintervention (April 2018–September 2019)

Monthly averages:Preintervention (SD)Postintervention (SD)P value*
Number of tests ordered159 (±17.5)52 (±24.5)<0.0001
Patient visits6247 (±414.9)6340 (±327.0)=0.4785
Tests/1000 patient visits26 (±3.6)8 (±3.9)<0.0001
Cost of tests/1000 patient visits†$2465 (±356.6)$790 (±381.6)<0.0001
  • *P values for t-test. p<0.05 is considered significant. P values calculated using GraphPad QuickCalcs (

  • †Cost in Canadian dollars (CAD). Individual tests cost $96.10.