Table 2

Association of exercise-induced hypoxia and other clinical findings with COVID-19 diagnosis among patients admitted for suspected COVID-19

Unadjusted ORAdjusted OR*
OR95% CIP valueaOR95% CIp(LR)
EIH >3%2.570.99 to 6.680.0533.731.25 to 11.150.018
CRP >100 mg/L5.432.05 to 14.430.0016.002.16 to 16.620.001
Lymphopenia <1.0×109/L3.581.55 to 8.240.0035.051.99 to 12.860.001
COVID-19 suggestive CXR changes15.606.00 to 40.57<0.00120.877.06 to 61.72<0.001
Self-reported dyspnoea5.011.63 to 15.370.0015.211.66 to 16.340.001
Pre-EIH test oxygen saturations0.890.75 to 1.060.183
Duration of symptoms0.990.96 to 1.040.977
  • *Adjusted for age, sex and underlying respiratory comorbidity (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic pulmonary embolic disease).

  • CRP, C-reactive peptide; EIH, exercise-induced hypoxia; p(LR), p value calculated by likelihood ratio.