Table 3

Ovid MEDLINE search strategy

Search term
1physicians/ or exp pediatricians/
2(physician$ or doctor$ or trainee$ or foundation year or fy1 or fy2 or sho or shos or senior house officer$ or registrar$1 or staff grade or associate specialist$ or consultant$).mp.(mp=title, abstract, original title, name of substance word, subject heading word, floating sub-heading word, keyword heading word, organism supplementary concept word, protocol supplementary concept word, rare disease supplementary concept word, unique identifier, synonyms)
4(medical practitioner$ or clinician$).mp.
6emergency medical services/ or emergency service, hospital/ or trauma centers/
7emergency medicine/ or pediatric emergency medicine/
8(emergency medical services or emergency service or trauma center$ or trauma centre$).mp.
9(emergency medicine or pediatric emergency medicine).mp.
10(emergency department$ or emergency room or casualty department$ or “A&E”).mp.
11“accident and emergency”.mp.
12emergency training program$.mp.
13emergency medical
155 and 14
16workforce/ or health workforce/ or personnel loyalty/ or work schedule tolerance/ or work-life balance/ or workload/ or personnel turnover/
17burnout, psychological/ or burnout, professional/ or exp occupational stress/
18Career Choice/
19career mobility/
20(workforce or manpower or staffing or retention or work-life balance or turnover or leaving medicine or exiting or burnout).mp.
21(career adj4 (choice or mobility or progress$ or ladder or promotion or advancement or satisfaction)).mp.
2315 and 22