Table 5

Items related to retention, attrition or intention to leave EM

Experience of workLack of quality teamwork48
Teamworking and non-hierarchical structure39
Harassment by supervisors48 and incivility43
Job satisfaction35 49
Excessive workloads37
Poor working condition37
Peer support40 46 and professional links47
Diagnostic challenges38 39
Lack of influence at work48
Training and educationAbsence of continuing professional education48
Lifelong learning46 47
Lack of training and supervision37
Board certification (higher training) in EM33 36
Board certification in another specialty33 36
Fellowship in another specialty36
Work with trainees33
New roles40
Subspecialty training47
Impact of workWorry about mistakes48
Musculoskeletal complaints48
Physical and emotional strain40
Burnout42 45 46 48
Occupational stress42
Work–life balanceDebt34
Income33 36 38
Flexible working39 and predictable hours38
Strategic approach to shift work50
Antisocial working patterns43
Receiving a job offer outside of medicine48
  • EM, emergency medicine.