Table 1

Definitions of retention from the limited number of sources which define the term

Source and titleDefinition
Human resource management textbook: Managing Employee Retention: A Strategic Accountability Approach ‘the percentage of employees remaining in the organization. High levels of retention are desired in most job groups’26
Research in nursing and health: The Nursing Practice Environment, Staff Retention, and Quality of Care ‘the proportion of full-time staff nurses employed on a unit at the beginning of the study and remaining on the unit at the end of a 1-year period’27
Employee retention
Human resource planning: The Race for Talent: Retaining and Engaging Workers in the 21st Century ‘the effort by an employer to keep desirable workers in order to meet business objectives’23
International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science and Management Studies: Review paper—study on employee retention and commitment‘a technique adopted by businesses to maintain an effective workforce and at the same time meet operational requirements’24
Journal of Economics, Management and Trade: Human resource management practices and employee retention: a review of literature‘the hierarchical arrangements and practices utilised as a part of the organisation to keep key workers from leaving the association’25
Volunteer retention
Independent research organisation report: Volunteer Management Practices and Retention of Volunteers The percentage of volunteers involved with the organisation 1 year ago who are still involved today.28