Table 2

Imaging and outcomes

CT brain due to trauma7257
HIDAT positive—CT brain6031
HIDAT positive—TBI-CT66
HIDAT negative—CT brain11
HIDAT negative—TBI-CT00
  • Presenting complaints of patients with no HIDAT trigger and underwent CT (n=26). Seizure (8), injury of limb (upper or lower) (4), collapse (3), headache (2), polytrauma (2), vomiting (2), wound (2), neck pain (1), epistaxis (1), toothache (1).

  • Traumatic brain injury on computed tomography (TBI-CT) defined1 by the presence of any of the following criteria: diastasis of the skull and/or skull fracture inclusive of orbit, pneumocephalus, intracranial haemorrhage or contusion, sigmoid sinus thrombosis, traumatic infarction, diffuse axonal injury or signs of herniation.

  • Clinically important traumatic brain injury (ciTBI)- defined1 as death due to TBI, intubation for more than 24 hours, neurosurgery or hospital admission of 2 nights or more due to TBI.

  • CT brain, Brain computed tomography; HIDAT, Head injury discharge at triage.