Table 3

Categorisation of parameters in the prediction models

ModelDemographicsVital signsInterventionsTriagePrevious care contactsChief complaintDrug useMobility and dependencyED entranceProfessional assessment
Alam et al28NEWSXX
Brouns et al26MTSXX
Cameron et al19 and Cameron et al18GAPSXXXXXX
Cameron et al18VASX
Di Bari et al20 and Salvi et al21ISARXXXX
Di Bari et al20SCXXX
Grossmann et al27ESIX
Kraaijvanger et al24Own modelXXXX
Lucke et al25Adult modelXXXXXXX
Lucke et al25Older patient modelXXXXXXX
Noel et al22TNPX
Noel et al22Own modelXXXX
Noel et al22TNP+own modelXXXXX
Salvi et al21TRSTXXXX
Zlotnik et al23Own model LRXXXX
Zlotnik et al23Own model ANNXXXX
  • Online supplemental appendix B.

  • ANN, Artificial Neural Network; AVPU, Alert, Verbal, Pain, Unresponsive; ESI, Emergency Severity Index; GAPS, Glasgow Admission Prediction Score; GP, general practitioner; ISAR, Identification of Seniors At Risk; LR, logistic regression; MTS, Manchester Triage System; NEWS, National Early Warning Score; SC, Silver Code; TNP, Triage Nurse Prediction; TRST, Triage Risk Screening Tool; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.