Table 1

Demographics, admission information frailty scores and past medical history within the cohort

Male sex54%
Age (years)84 (77 to 89)
LOS (days)9 (5 to 18)
Inpatient mortality6%
30-day readmission23%
ED CFS4 (3 to 5)
Admission CFS5 (4 to 6)
Heart failure13%
Liver disease1%
Admission NEWS1 (0 to 3)
  • Results as percentages or median (IQR).

  • CKD is defined as median eGFR <60 mL/min in the previous year.

  • CFS, Clinical Frailty Scale; CKD, chronic kidney disease; ED, emergency department; LOS, length of stay; NEWS, National Early Warning Score.