Table 2

Conditional logit model results

zP>|z|95% CI
Female1.2170.0327.4400.0001.156 to 1.282
Age1.0020.0012.1900.0281.000 to 1.004
Alzheimer’s0.7850.023−8.2100.0000.741 to 0.832
Survival probability5.5210.63014.9700.0004.414 to 6.905
Alternative 'A' constant1.0650.0421.6100.1080.986 to 1.151
Alternative 'B' constant1.1340.0433.3000.0011.052 to 1.222
Alternative 'C' constant(Base alternative)
Log pseudo-likelihood−8382.447
Wald Χ2(4)283.54
Prob>Χ2 0.000
  • SE adjusted for 2000 clusters in respondent number.

  • The use of a common option C across choice sets requires the use of alternative specific constants induced by the experimental design.