Table 1

Studies included in the systematic review

InterventionStudyLocationNStudy design
Clinical decision rules (Canadian clinical decision rules 1, 2, 3; Ottawa SAH Rule)Bellolio et al13USA454Retrospective cohort
Cheung et al14Hong Kong500Retrospective cohort
Chu et al15Australia137Retrospective cohort (substudy of a prospective cohort)
Kelly et al16Australia59Retrospective cohort
MacDonald et al17UK280Retrospective cohort
Matloob et al18UK112Retrospective cohort
Pathan et al19UK145Retrospective cohort
Perry et al20Canada1999Prospective cohort
Perry et al21Canada2131Prospective cohort
Perry et al22Canada1153; overlap with Perry et al23Prospective cohort
Perry et al23Canada3672Prospective before/after
Wu et al24Taiwan913Retrospective cohort
Yiangou et al25UK162Retrospective cohort
CT–LP pathwayBlok et al26The Netherlands760Retrospective cohort
Cooper et al7UK517Retrospective cohort
Dutto et al27Italy70Before/After
Perry et al28Canada891Retrospective cohort
Perry et al29Canada592Prospective cohort
Valle Alonso et al30Spain74Retrospective cohort
CTAustin et al31UK250Retrospective cohort
Backes et al32The Netherlands250Retrospective cohort
Blok et al26The Netherlands760Retrospective cohort
Cooper et al7UK517Retrospective cohort
Khan et al33Canada2412; overlap with Perry et al12Prospective cohort (secondary analysis)
Perry et al20Canada1999; overlap with Perry et al12Prospective cohort
Perry et al12Canada3132Prospective cohort
Perry et al23Canada1204 had CT <6 hoursProspective before/after
Valle Alonso et al30Spain85Retrospective cohort
LPBrunell et al34Sweden453Retrospective cohort
Cooper et al7UK309 had LPRetrospective cohort
Dupont et al35USA117 had LPRetrospective cohort
Gangloff et al36Canada706Retrospective cohort
Heiser et al37USA676Retrospective cohort
Horstman et al38The Netherlands30Retrospective cohort
Migdal et al39USA245Retrospective cohort
Perry et al40Canada220Prospective cohort (substudy)
Perry et al41Canada1739Prospective cohort (substudy)
Sansom et al42UK60Retrospective cohort
Valle Alonso et al30Spain74 had LPRetrospective cohort
CTAAlons et al44The Netherlands70Retrospective cohort
Alons et al45The Netherlands88Retrospective cohort and meta-analysis
History and examinationLocker et al2UK353Retrospective cohort
Perry et al46Canada747Prospective cohort
Backes et al47The Netherlands247Retrospective cohort
  • CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; CTA, CT angiography; LP, lumbar puncture; SAH, subarachnoid haemorrhage.