Table 2

Effect estimates for the implementation period of the CO@h programme, from mixed effects regression models, adjusted for month of test and patient-level covariates

OutcomeAdjusted ORSEP value95% CIDenominator
Mortality within 28 days of positive COVID-19 test1.060.0720.4050.931.21203 218
Any ED attendance within 28 days of positive COVID-19 test1.120.033<0.0011.061.18203 218
Any hospital admission within 28 days of positive COVID-19 test1.120.037<0.0011.051.20203 218
Critical care use of those admitted1.240.1070.0121.051.4724 895
Adjusted IRRSEP valueLowerUpperDenominator
Length of stay of those admitted (in days)1.020.0290.5880.961.0720 794
  • Denominator represents the total number in the analysis with no missing data in adjusting covariates.

  • CO@h, COVID Oximetry @home; IRR, incidence rate ratio from negative binomial regression.