Table 1

Patient demographics and ED attendance details

Site 1Site 2Site 3Total
Aged 75–84 years26412
Aged 85+ years66416
CFS score 5–679824
CFS score 71304
ED majors811726
ED minors0112
Lives alone or with spouse69718
Lives with other family members, for example, son/daughter2114
Lives in sheltered accommodation2103
Lives in a care home0202
Lives in own home with live in carers0101
Travelled to hospital by ambulance811726
Travelled to hospital independently/with family0112
Has cognitive impairment1135
Does not have cognitive impairment711523
Attended ED on a weekday412420
Attended ED on a weekend4048
Attended ED in hours (09:00–17:00 Monday–Friday)210315
Attended ED out of hours62513
  • CFS, Clinical Frailty Scale.