Table 5

Univariable regression analyses showing the association between delirium and clinical outcomes

OR95% CIP value
Delirium1.370.74 to 2.540.31
ICU admission
OR95% CIP value
Delirium0.610.31 to 1.210.16
Medical ward admission
OR95% CIP value
Delirium1.150.47 to 2.770.76
Discharged at home after hospitalisation
OR95% CIP value
Delirium0.20.13 to 0.30<0.001
Transferred to another healthcare facility
OR95% CIP value
Delirium0.150.02 to 1.120.06
Length of ED stay
B95% CIP value
Delirium0.13−0.1 to 0.360.26
Length of hospital stay
B95% CIP value
Delirium2.18−1.22 to 5.580.21
  • ICU, intensive care unit.