Table 4

Predictors of delirium in the univariable regression analyses

OR95% CIP valueCorrected*
Age1.091.07 to 1.11<0.0010.002
Sex (male)1.631.1 to 2.450.0140.01
Triage colour
 Red13.887.71 to 24.99<0.0010.03
 Yellow4.772.77 to 8.22<0.0010.01
Institutionalisation10.856.04 to 19.49<0.0010.009
Stroke/TIA3.331.65 to 6.740.0010.001
Parkinson7.381.95 to 27.890.0030.003
Alzheimer’s disease11.932.94 to 48.370.0010.001
Other dementias33.7616.74 to 68.1< 0.0010.007
Epilepsy5.762.56 to 12.96< 0.0010.005
Other neurological diseases3.051.72 to 5.40<0.0010.005
Depression3.891.84 to 8.23<0.0010.004
Psychoactive drugs5.073.07 to 8.38<0.0010.003
 Sedative-hypnotics4.392.4 to 8.01<0.0010.003
 Antidepressants3.842.18 to 6.77<0.0010.003
 Antipsychotics11.225.69 to 22.12<0.0010.002
 Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors23.762.63 to 214.450.0050.006
 Dopaminergic drugs8.472.64 to 27.15<0.0010.002
Number of chronic drugs1.231.17 to 1.30<0.0010.002
Anticholinergic Burden Score1.91.60 to 2.26<0.0010.002
Number of COVID-19 symptoms at ED admission0.840.78 to 0.91<0.0010.001
Duration of COVID-19 symptoms before ED admission0.900.85 to 0.94<0.0010.002
PaO2/FiO2 at ED admission0.990.993 to 0.997<0.0010.002
pH at ED admission0.0060 to 0.110.0010.001
CRP at ED admission1.0010.99 to 10.2950.29
LDH at ED admission1.0021.001 to 1.0030.0020.002
Leucocytes at ED admission1.091.04 to 1.13<0.0010.001
Respiratory rate at ED admission1.020.98 to
  • *Benjamini-Hochberg correction. Benjamini-Hochberg corrected p values were calculated by computing p(k)=m/k for all sorted p values (p=sorted p values; m=total number of sorted p values; k=corresponding rank). Then p values were adjusted from the bigger to the smallest. If the value p(k)=m/k was bigger than the previous adjusted p value, the corresponding corrected p value was equal to the previous one since numbers should not increase.

  • CRP, C reactive protein; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; TIA, transient ischaemic attack.