Table 2

Physician demographics

Physician variables
No (%) or mean (SD) or median (IQR)
Mean age (years), mean (SD)49.4 (9.1)
Range 34.8–72.3
Mean duration of practice (years), mean (SD)15.4 (8.7)
Range 3.9–41.3
Physician gender, no (%)
Male75 (76.5)
Female23 (23.5)
Physician training programme, no (%)
CCFP-EM56 (57.1)
FFCP42 (42.9)
Number of cases seen, median (IQR)
All22 (12.5)
Male physicians23 (13)
Female physicians20 (11)
  • CCFP-EM, Canadian College of Family Physicians-Emergency Medicine; FRCPC, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada.