Table 4

Effect estimates associated with enrolment to CO@h for each study outcome, after matching and adjusted for smoking, comorbidities and prior healthcare utilisation

OutcomeAdjusted ORSEP value95% CIDenominator
Death within 28 days0.420.160.0220.200.8815 327†
Any ED attendance within 28 days1.430.13<0.0011.201.7115 621
Any hospital admission within 28 days1.680.17<0.0011.382.0415 621
Any level 2/3 care of those admitted0.430.150.0190.210.872,249*
Adjusted IRRSEP valueLowerUpperDenominator
Length of stay (days) of those admitted0.9960.0780.9630.851.162135
  • *No critical care use of those admitted in April/May or mixed/multiple ethnic groups or underweight group.

  • †No deaths in November/April/May or mixed/multiple ethnic groups.

  • CO@h, COVID-19 Oximetry @home; IRR, incidence rate ratio; OR, odds ratio; SE, standard error.