Table 1

Characteristics of the eligible study population, stratified by enrolment to the CO@h programme

Not enrolledEnrolledP value*
Age category (years)
 18–4936 03756.0%32844.1%<0.001
 50–6417 87127.8%27937.6%
 80 or more31304.9%293.9%
 Female34 28253.3%37850.9%<0.001
 Male27 64443.0%36549.1%
 Asian/Asian British11 54318.0%11615.6%0.002
 Black/African/Caribbean/Black British37105.8%202.7%
 Mixed/multiple ethnic groups14282.2%111.5%
 Other ethnic group27914.3%293.9%
 White41 79765.0%53572.0%
IMD tertile
 1 (most deprived)28 69544.6%37951.0%0.002
 220 47131.8%22730.6%
 3 (least deprived)15 06223.4%13618.3%
Body mass index
 Healthy weight14 46122.5%115†15.5%†
 Overweight18 90229.4%230†31.0%†
 Obese21 92034.1%320†43.1%†
 Not CEV54 83285.3%62784.4%0.501
Smoking status
 Never smoker37 44558.2%41055.2%0.015
 Ex-smoker14 29522.2%20026.9%
 Current smoker943114.7%10514.1%
 Hypertension12 95820.2%18124.4%0.004
 Chronic cardiac disease52698.2%679.0%0.416
 Chronic kidney disease6401.0%>0.5†
 Chronic respiratory disease17 55727.3%25734.6%<0.001
 Chronic neurological disease (including epilepsy)27394.3%354.7%0.545
 Learning disability4620.7%>0.5†
 Malignancy or immunosuppression644810.0%739.8%0.855
 Severe mental illness21223.3%192.6%0.259
 Peripheral vascular disease5550.9%101.3%0.158
 Stroke or TIA17722.8%233.1%0.574
Month of COVID-19 test
 December14 58422.7%30†4.0%†
 January23 21136.1%405†54.5%†
Days from ED attendance to COVID-19 test
 −3 to −1 days11 50417.9%354.7%<0.001
 0–4 days29 00345.1%35447.6%
 5–10 days19 31130.0%30040.4%
Total64 305743
  • *P value from χ2 test comparing proportions not enrolled to enrolled.

  • †Small values for non-missing data suppressed, and remaining values for variable rounded to nearest 5; values of p reported as, <0.001, <0.05, 0.05–0.5, or>0.5.

  • CEV, clinically extremely vulnerable; CO@h, COVID-19 Oximetry @home; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation; TIA, transient ischaemic attack.