Table 2

Outcomes in those enrolled to CO@h versus not enrolled, and ORs for enrolment

OutcomeNot enrolledEnrolled95% CI
NumberPercentageNumberPercentageORSEP valueLowerUpperDenominator
Death within 28 days17682.7%111.5%0.530. 048
Any ED attendance within 28 days15 46324.0%21528.9% 048
Any hospital admission within 28 days10 05115.6%16922.7%1.590.14<0.0011.341.8965 048
Any critical care use of those admitted110911.0%116.5%0.560.180.0650.301.0410 220
MeanSDMeanSDIRRSEP valueLowerUpperDenominator
Length of stay (days)6.706.406.155.540.9040.0750.2210.7681.0639237
  • CO@h, COVID-19 Oximetry @home; IRR, incidence rate ratio; OR, odds ratio; SD, standard deviation; SE, standard error.