Table 5

Comparison between patients with large vessel occlusion first admitted to a PSC or first admitted directly to a CSC

Initial PSC admission
Initial CSC admission
P value
Median NIHSS score (IQR)5 (2–15)13 (7–20)p=0.004
Female patients, n (%)7 (39)18 (44)p=0.72
Male patients, n (%)11 (61)23 (56)p=0.88
Median door-to-groin puncture time, min (IQR)33 (25–33)74 (64–112)p=0.003
Median time from PSC arrival to start of endovascular treatment (groin puncture) at CSC, min (IQR)163 (85–200)NANA
  • CSC, comprehensive stroke centre; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; PSC, primary stroke centre.