Table 2

Characteristics of patients with acute ischaemic stroke with and without LVO

LVO stroke
Non-LVO stroke
P value
Median NIHSS score at CSC arrival (IQR)12 (5–20)3 (1–5)p<0.01
Age, years (IQR)78 (67–84)76 (66–83)p=0.77
Female sex, n (%)25 (42)107 (50)p=0.32
Intravenous thrombolysis treatment, n (%)29 (49)83 (39)p=0.15
EVT, n (%)38 (64)n.a.
Patients directly transported to CSC, n (%)42 (71)122 (57)p=0.049
  • Fulfilled G-FAST prehospital criteria: combined presence of gaze deviation (G) and one FAST symptom at EMS arrival

  • CSC, comprehensive stroke centre; EMS, emergency medical service; EVT, endovascular treatment; G-FAST, Gaze deviation, Facial palsy, Arm weakness, Visual loss, Speech disturbance; LVO, large vessel occlusion; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.