Table 4

G-FAST prehospital criteria test characteristics

Sensitivity (95% CI)12% (5%–23%)
Specificity (95% CI)99.66% (98.77%–99.96%)
Positive predictive value (95% CI)78% (40%–97%)
Negative predictive value (95% CI)92% (89%–94%)
  • Presentation of G-FAST prehospital criteria test characteristics. G-FAST prehospital assessment included presence of gaze deviation, facial palsy, arm weakness, visual loss and speech difficulties. Patients with both gaze deviation and at least one other G-FAST symptom fulfilled the prehospital criteria for LVO suspicion.

  • G-FAST, Gaze deviation, Facial palsy, Arm weakness, Visual loss, Speech disturbance; LVO, large vessel occlusion.