Table 2

Primary concerns, barriers and opportunities for change

Primary workplace concernsBarriers to changing working conditionsOpportunities for change
Culture of blame and negativity
  • Negativity and toxicity among colleagues

  • ‘Outdated’ perceptions of clinical demand

  • Expectations and frustrations from those we care for

  • Lack of investment in staff development

  • Interprofessional valuing and respect

  • Culture of care and shared responsibility

  • Team cohesion

  • Clearer lines of accountability

  • Nurturing growth

Untenable working environments
  • Understaffing and high workload

  • Unmet physical needs

  • High-intensity workload

  • Lack of autonomy over working patterns

  • The shifting nature of work

  • Viable staff ratios

  • Access to hot food and rest spaces

  • Protected study time

  • Self-rostering

  • A department that is well-resourced and fit for purpose

Compromised leadership
  • Team expectations of their leaders

  • Realities of working as a clinical lead

  • Bridging the gap between the ED and executive management

  • Compassionate leadership

  • Role clarity

  • Shared resources

  • Access to mentors and coaches

  • Protected time to do the job

    Access to leadership training and support

Striving for support
  • Access to support

  • Mental health stigma

  • Protected time to access support

  • Prioritisation of well-being in the ED

  • Embedded psychology

  • Peer-to-peer support

  • Levels of care, tailored to need