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Validation of clinical risk models for predicting COVID-19 severity
Rahul Aggarwal, Timothy S Anderson, Aditya Mohanty, Adlin Pinheiro, Long Ngo, Andrew Ahn, Neal Peterson, Mark Dunlop, Thomas Mawson, Taliya Lantsman, Natalia Forbath, Jennifer P Stevens, Shoshana J Herzig

20 September 2022

Reply to Mouliou et al
Charles Reynard, Joy A Allen, Bethany Shinkins, Graham Prestwich, Johnathan Goves, Kerrie Davies, Richard Body

22 June 2022

A case-control, multicentre study of consecutive patients with COVID-19 and acute (myo)pericarditis: incidence, risk factors, clinical characteristics and outcomes
Òscar Mirò, Manel Sabaté, Sònia Jiménez, Alexandre Mebazaa, Gemma Martínez-Nadal, Pascual Piñera, Guillermo Burillo-Putze, Alfonso Martín, Francisco Javier Martín-Sánchez, Javier Jacob, Aitor Alquézar-Arbé, Eric Jorge García-Lamberechts, Pere Llorens, Juan González del Castillo, See the full list of authors

21 April 2022

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