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The Milch technique for reduction of anterior shoulder dislocations in an accident and emergency department.
  1. G Johnson,
  2. W Hulse,
  3. A McGowan
  1. Accident and Emergency Department, Pinderfields General Hospital, Wakefield, West Yorks.


    Following the introduction of the Milch technique as the preferred method of reduction of anterior shoulder dislocations in an A&E department, a retrospective study of the technique was carried out. A total of 187 patients with anterior shoulder dislocations were included. The Milch technique was attempted in 142 cases with a success rate of 86%. There was no statistical difference in the success rates of junior and senior staff. In 73% of the Milch cases either no analgesia or sedation or Entonox alone was used. This study shows that the Milch technique can successfully be used by inexperienced staff to reduce dislocated shoulders with a reduction in the requirements for sedation and anaesthetics.

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